Thursday, March 1, 2007

Aqui Estoy!!! Here I am!!!!

Oopsie. Sorry for leaving you for so long, Musulmana. Good lookin' out girl!! Someone misses me! Weeeeeeeee!!

Jilbabble Jr. - aka My Seed aka My Son - has PINK EYE!!!! His school called me at work to tell me he has been sent to the office cuz his eyes are red, pus-filled, and nasty. Well.. the school secretary didn't exactly say it like that, but you get the point.

My mom had foot surgery. Nothing too serious alhamdulillah. They had to snip-snip a tendon or something. She is kicking it hard-core on the couch all week. That woman is so strong, masha allah. She refuses to accept any real help - she wants to move around by herself, only asks for me to fill her water glass and bring her food. Nothing else. Doesn't complain or anything. She's a real bad mamma-jamma. Not like me. I'd be like "Everything hurrrrrrrrrrrrts mommy....." and probably milk it for all it's worth. I liked to be babied. Probably cuz I was never babied in life... who knows..

As for me, the ol' Jilbabbster - nothing is new. Although I will say that sometimes I wish the world wasn't so small. You know, running into people who are 6-Degrees Separated from people you wish you'd never met. I had that moment today. Not sure if these people knew me, insha allah they don't.

Oh! Naughty and Cryptic Jilbabble.. you are babbling and not making any sense!

Hee hee.. that's how I do it, yo!

But seriously.. I think I may blog about that period of My Messed Up Life. Hmmmm.But not today. I am waiting for 'Isha to come in so I can pray and then go pick up my son's eye drops for his Pink Eye.

Pink Eye... The only Pink I don't like! Hee hee hee.. get it ~ I/Eye... hello??..... um... yeah.. uh.. who invited the dork?

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