Friday, March 30, 2007

Organizing My Thoughts/Catching Up

Today my son has a doctor's appointment. Hooray! Nothing to worry about, it is a new patient appointment. I finally got him in to see a doctor!! I hope this gets the ball rolling so we can get all his yearly checkups w/ the cardiologist and nephrologist out of the way Insha Allah. I'm kind of nervous about having a new cardiologist... but Insha Allah kheir.


I just finished reading The Translator by Leila Aboulela. I also read her other book Minaret this week during my road trip (more on that later).

I'm not going to give a full-on summary or analysis of either books. The only thing I want to say is that The Translator somehow inspired me to organize my thoughts and Minaret moved me to stand up for myself and not give in to other people's expectations of me.

The main character in The Translator is a widow who translates for a professor in some university in Scotland. They develop feelings for one another and the widow Sammar finally gathers her strength to tell this guy that he must become Muslim so they can marry. There are many things going on in the book that I will leave out, and I won't say what happens. As I read the scene it made me want to do the same thing with a certain person in my life. No not a non-Muslim guy.. and really has nothing to do with the situation described in the book. But let's just say there some people who need to here everything I have kept inside for too long.

How will I organize my thoughts? I'll start writing. Writing will help me get everything out. When I talk of the top of my head I tend to ramble and go in all different directions. So I'll write it all down and then do the old cut and paste action to make it all pretty and coherent.

Insha allah.


This week was Spring Break. I had the week off. Went on a long long road trip to San Francisco. It was worth the double-digit hours of riding in a van full of kids (I went with my son and another family). I got some major relaxation and deflation of the mind accomplished.

This weekend I'll be taking another road trip with my son and my one of my bestest girly-friends Insha Allah.


I haven't spoken with Latino Potential in over one week. I've kinda been avoiding his calls.

Here are the reasons:

1 - I felt that we were talking more than what is Islamically appropriate

2 - I need time away to figure out if I actually like this guy

3 - Certain things came up in our converstions that made me need to step back analyze them.

Is he right for me or not?

I don't know.


Ew. One of my cats just stood on my lap, stuck his butt in my face and let one rip. Yeah. Cat farts are nasty.

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cncz said...

salam alaikoum My cat would blame other people for his farts. He would fart and then look at me like I did it. How many time he did that in front of company....