Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Like Old People and other musings

I really do. Not like 98 year olds sucking on air old.. but people that are 20+ years older than me.

Today I hung out with "Khalah Jaan." She is probably in her 60s and is a very sweet Afghani lady who showers my son with love. Aw. I really enjoyed her company. She doesn't care about gossip. She makes small talk. She is just chill. Who cares about the age. I liked hanging out with her. We made plans to get together to visit another khalah who just came back from overseas. Jilbabble loves to kick it with the Cool Aunties. The ones who don't have drama. The ones who keep to themselves and like to giggle and drink tea all day. Alhamdulillah.


The whole 'Don't-associate-with-strange-men' thing we Muslimahs have to live by really does serve a purpose. For some, myself included, struggled with accepting that men and women shouldn't really be friends. I had a few male friends (SC, MF, and Salvatrucha [I've never mentioned him before. Um Mahtab ~ any idea on why I call him that?])that I kept at a great distance. The first two via phone, the last one by random emails throughout the year.

SC shouldn't deserve my time if he is just going to give me the runaround. Of course, he could say I am doing the same to him.. Maybe I need to climb to the top of my wall and shout down to him what I really think of him... That might be a good idea.. Let's see if I actually do it...


My son has been attending weekend Islamic school for the past two months. I kind of coerced him into doing it. Well.. I bribed him. I told him I'd take him to Disney Land if he goes willingly, behaves, and shows he's learned something.

So far so good, Alhamdulillah. He enjoys it. He has learned a Surah. I tried teaching him before but I think the school environment and the fact Mom isn't trying to shove it down his throat is good for him.

I already see results. Last Thursday when we were coming home from school, he told me that he wants to start praying with me. And guess what - he has! He wakes up for fajr and prays all five prayers with me. So far so good. I don't force him to do it - I think he likes it because it is something we do together. It is a good start.

May Allah continue to guide us both on the straight path.


So the flu/cold/overall sicknesses have pretty much gone. Now I am getting headaches every day. What is wrong with me? Waaaaaah. I just want to feel good again :-(


I'd write more but my head is pounding. The bright computer screen isn't exactly helping me...

Good night.. enjoy your week....


Amira said...

Alhumdulillah that is so nice to hear about your son praying with you!

Um Mahtab said...

hm... Salvatrucha cause he's from El Salvador? Perdon... no estoy segura.

I hope to become the book + hot chocolate auntie. You know, the auntie that has a stockpile of rare books that you can read and discuss while sharing a cup of creamy hot chocolate. The one that is 60 years old and her arms are muscular, and her wit is razor sharp, who will still get all your jokes and innuendos. The auntie who will crochet you a thong and a kufi from the same scandalously coloured yarn. You know, la auntie CHINGONA. >:D