Monday, March 12, 2007

Yay me!

My computer was running ever so slow yesterday and today. I was freaking out cuz I had to type something up for work and every time I'd try to click on clip art or check something online.. I'd have to quadruple click everything. Long story short, I defragmented and scanned and whatevered my computer and now it is tip-top shape. YAY ME!

Alhamdulillah my son is becoming very adamant in praying five times a day. He wants to start praying at school. I want to tread on this lightly because I don't want to discourage him from praying but I don't want him to get teased either. Kids can be quite cruel at times (well.. lots of times) and I would hate for him to feel bad if kids made fun of him at school.

Just last week he threw himself into my lap and sobbed into my shoulder because one of his friends criticized his handwriting.

So if there any mothers out there with children in public schools... give me some advice!!!

My idea is to talk to his teacher at the next conference (which is soon insha allah) and let her know that A- he has begun praying regularly and B- if the school could accomodate him for the noon prayer. I don't really want to push it... buy I would prefer if she knew of a room that would be empty at that time.. and preferrably where kids won't be running in and out.

I dunno.. am I rambling? Do I make sense??

Alhamdulillah .... I am so proud of my son. Masha allah.

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mommamu said...

Alhamdudillah-that is very noble!