Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Haven't updated cuz I'm lazy.

I am still talking to Latino Potential. He isn't a complete loser and yes he is employed. I guess I should've straight up asked him where he worked instead of making assumptions.

Anyway.. he's a blue-collar type of guy. Seems to have grown up to be liberal in his politics (which I can put up with, though I don't consider myself either liberal or conservative. But liberals I can deal with).

I'll go into more details later. For now.. I will say that my friend's husband (who is good at grilling people and knows me very well) has LP's number and will be calling him some time this week. I'm not sure if I like the guy. I am growing to like him and look forward to talking to him. I have been very very very blunt and unflinching in expressing my views and apparently he likes that. Wierd. Anyway... Friend's hubby will talk to him. If Friend's Hubby disapproves.. I will most likely stop communication. Just cuz past experience has taught me to weigh into consideration the opinons of others before getting involved with a possible suitor/husband.

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mommamu said...

sounds like a good possiblity Jillbabble..I'm praying for you!