Monday, March 5, 2007

Jilbabble + Vicodin = Who's that boy underneath the table?

This 13 year old girl I know sprained her neck from turning around to look at a poster. She twisted her neck wrong, heard some POP POP POPS and then couldn't move it.

She posted this on her myspace and I felt sorry for her. Then I remembered one of my favorite 'episodes' with Vicodin...

I call it... Jilbabble House of Horrors: The Vicodin Trip

My mom has a stash of the stuff for her migraines. She has severe migraines and has to take medication for them every day, and then a special pill whenever she feels one coming. They leave her bedridden for at least a day when they hit her strong and the pills don't work. So Poor Jilmomma has a stockpile of Vicodin in her medicine cabinet..

I get migraines as well but to a much, much lesser extent. When I do get a doozy, she breaks out the Vicodin. One time I took one pill (not sure of the exact dosage) and then went to bed (it was night-time).

A few hours later I woke up in the middle night to the most horrid screams! They were the worse screams I had ever heard! Truly gut wrenching, not even human, seriously. But they were in my head! I was totally trippin...

The screams didn't stop me or scare me, oddly enough. I got out of bed and decided walked around upstairs and went into the computer room. When I entered, I swear I saw the little boy from The Grudge underneath a table in the computer room. Except it was the original Japanese version where he's blue. So yeah.. he was sitting under the table and I could see his skinny blue legs curled in a ball...

This is Toshio.. The Grudge seriously scares the living everything out of me... So I don't ever want to see this kid in my house again. I have since laid off the Vicodin...


Um Mahtab said...

Ay nanita!!

Yo me habria ZURRADO de miedo.

cncz said...

salam alaikoum
Vicodin makes me trip like that, I see crawfish and stuff...but sleep and pain relief? no. Seriously, I think benzos are a cure all, I take xanax for migraines and it works just fine. You still have the migraine but you don't care.

UmmFarouq said...

OH MY !!
What a scary, scary thing to see. (or imagine seeing!) I'm in my mid 30s and I still run and jump in the bed for fear of whatever's under it grabbing me. Needless to say, THE GRUDGE did not help my psyche in any way, shape, or form.

Come to find out Xanax is sold over-the-counter in Amman, and only runs about $3 a box. Can you imagine the repurcussions of this if true in America??

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