Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things I Need To Do Before Jilbaby Comes

Bored. I feel the sudden urge to make lists.. I can put on paper all the crap in my brain that is already internally stressing me out. Then, not only will it be stressing me out on the inside.. but I can visually see it. This will do one of two things - either motivate me to actually get them down NOW, or just stress me out some more, causing me to sit on the couch and resort to channel surfing.

Ahhh channel surfing.. the one sport that I am good at. Haven't done it in sooo long...



1 - Wash, sort, and put away all new baby clothes.
2 - Pick up crib mattress and place it in crib. Then put sheets on it.
3 - Pack for hospital.
4 - Shampoo carpet to get out those annoying and gross cat puke stains.
5 - Clean bedroom ~ go thru drawers, closet. Need to stop being a pack rat.


1 - Clean my workspace.
2 - Prepare my lessons for this week
3 - Prepare outline of lessons to be covered for the rest of the year for my sub.

Technically I see only 8 items on my list.. making my stress go down a little. Doesn't seem so bad right???


In a strange turn of events, H is trying to sell his car so he can by a four door suitable for a family.

The rest of this post has been deleted from this blog, and therefore, my memory. 12/27/08


Muslim007 said...

Ohh mi hermana!YOu know there have been times in my life where it became soo overwhelming that i felt like today my body or mind mind or my spirit is just going to conk out and I will be done for, but alas i went on. This man will either change for the better thru sincere repentance and modifying his behavior or he will continue to act like an arse with this existing woman or with the next person he finds. You should know that you are resilient and you are strong and you are worth better and if he can't get it together then he will be the one who will bear the physical scars of an unjust husband on the day of judgement.

ALso i would like to add that I am a fake latina (i studied latin american history in school), but i do have a lot of rage (True and Saffiyah can vouch for me) SO if you need any rage assistance i am your woman!!

gulnari said...

I really hope that he's going to smarten up for good this time. What an ass he's been. He should be face down crawling and crying at your feet.

If La Vieja is still interfering you definitely need to give her a nice serving of Rabia de los Mil Demonios. Tap into your inner raging verdulera and show that saggy old relic what you're made of. ^_^ Why mince words? A hag who doesn't know how to respect "woman code" (aka stay away from my husband) needs a good teaching. Adelante. Tu puedes. Y cuidate mucho.

Solace said...

Insha'Allah this time the change is sincere and permanent.

pixie said...

I hope he is sincere and true. Sometimes it takes guys awhile to realize what they have.

Safa said...

h honey......don't obsess about it now. think birth plus 40 days. it worked for me.