Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm a muslim. The C-word is part of my religion. If you're going to hate on the Muslims.. go hate on the Jews too cuz they practice the C-word as well.

Yes I posted my birth plan. Yes I asked for feedback. But ya'll never commented on anything else since I opened this blog like THREE years ago (archives are not that old only cuz I've deleted my blog a few times).

Is there some kind of C-word emergency alert that goes off anytime someone types the word on a blog or something.. and then men with penile issues feel free to say whatever they want?

Mark, I appreciate your comments.

Hugh and Ron or whatever your name was.. get a life.


purvis said...

LOL! This post is so funny to me. Especially b/c I hadn't read the comments on the previous post yet.

I like how you responded. ;)

gulnari said...

EW...creeps coming out of the woodwork! You don't need to justify or explain anything... to anyone! Especially not to irrelevant internet wankers. If they have issues, they are most welcome to go suck on a pine cone. Just laugh at them and delete the debris ;D

Ayoosh said...

My son was less than 24 hours old when he was c-worded. I think it went great. My husband was able to go in with him while it was done, and said my son didnt even cry or make a peep, thats how great the doctor was. So AlhmadolAllah. its soooo much cleaner.. healthier, etc.. and it looks alot better than those who dont have it done. Originally, in Christianity, males were suppossed to have it done. But over the years, same with many other things, it just disappered.

Im glad to know my other muslim sisters realize how important it is to have it done.

Good Luck on your labor and delivery. May Allah protect you and your little one.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I was confused at first, like, c-word? scratches head? I know about P-word but not c-word! LOL. I scrolled down and now I understand.

ma'a salaamah,


rahma said...

I get the same thing whenever I post about C-A-I-R. It's kinda sad that someone would sit and google a phrase just to respond on blogs they never read.