Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fearing the Unknown

I finally decided to talk to H last night. I'd been avoiding him since Thursday evening. Just cause I was feeling sensitive and hurt by what he had said to me.

We talked about the l&d and H is scared to death.

First he asked me who was going to be there for the birth. I said I just wanted him. This scares him because he doesn't know what to expect. I encouraged him to look up things on the internet, and I tried to explain what he could expect. Plus he doesn't know what to do. I told what my expectations were:

- to be by my side
- massage me if needed
- help me move around if able
- say words of encouragement
- be a rock for me when i feel weak

He has been forewarned that I could be very grouchy and snappy. He is afraid he'll take it personally and get offended. The fact that he knows to expect this makes me think that this won't happen.

Then he said something that made me laugh.

"I want your mom to come so she can help me while I help you."

The coach needs his own coach.

Well, at least he admits it.

The rest of this post has been deleted from this blog, and therefore, my memory.


Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

Insha Allah he will make it sis!

gulnari said...

I hope he makes it... and relaxes. It's not all about him! :P Maybe when he faces his fear(s) head-on it will help him mature a little? I hope it all turns out the way you want it Inshallah.

pixie said...

I hope he makes it. I'll be making duas for you.

PM said...

Can I ask what you mean by this: "That him being there when the baby is born is the one hope I am still holding on to, the ONE THING that I truly want in this life."

What IS the one thing you truly wnat in this life, dear sister? Aim HIGH!


Umm Yusuf said...

As salaamu alaikum sis, just stumbled on your blog. I wanted to say inshaAllah khayr with the labor, I had a baby boy 6 months ago, subhanAllah life changing experience going through labor! I wanted my husband there but he pushed for my mom to be there as well, I knew he'd be nervous. Turns out as I was in labor my mother was making Fajr salah! lol so it was just my husband and I in the room, he underestimated his capabilities and was great on his own. You really never know what to expect or anticipate in such a situation, it all just comes in the moment. Again, hope everything goes well inshaAllah, as well as with the name decision =)

Solace said...

I understand why you feel the need to have him there with you and I really, really hope he won't disappoint you.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully he wil be there...and I pray all goes well for the delivery as you have wished it to be...

Lady Nomadica said...

Salams ;-)

I keep waiting to hear:

how Jilbabble lost her PLUG

hehehe...sorry, I can't help it. I've bookmarked the blog and everytime I see "how jilbabble lost her groove" I wonder if you've had the babe.

Inshallah all went well and that you are safe, healthy, and happy.

Brenda - Noor said...

just a lurker here.. found you off safa's blog... anyhow, you haven't posted in some time. Just wondering if you had the baby yet or not

Safa said...

This morning I had a dream about was funny. And it went along the lines of me having to buy a jilbab for jilbabble.....HAHAHAHA! At least the silly dream reminded me that I haven't checked in here, and I started to wonder how life just sweeps me up like that......

I really pray that you are in high spirits.....and that the birth goes deserve some love.....

Brenda - Noor said...

Oh come on and give us the news! You are keeping us in suspense! HAS JILBABY came yet?