Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Buddy and Me

This little fella has been my constant companion since Friday. I have spend my three day weekend in bed for the most part. Totally sucks. I was totally looking forward to this 3 week workshop that started yesterday (Saturday) that my friend is teaching. Kinda bummed. But honestly I felt so nasty so in a way I don't really regret missing the class cuz I know I was really sick and not just being lazy and making excuses for myself.

Not much new here.

Britney Spears is a freaking nut case. My sympathy for her has gone out the window and I am left looking at those pictures of her in a tattoo parlor wondering "What the heck kind of drugs is she on???" Britney.. I never liked you or your music.. I did feel bad about the media stalking you and your babies.. but now you shave your head and sport tattoos??? Are you TRYING to get your kids taken from you?

Just goes to show that all the money in the world does NOT bring happiness.


Um Mahtab said...

Ojala que te mejores. Britney.. me da lastima. Pobrecita. Tan fea que se puso.

cncz said...

salam alaikoum
I know, so sad, all that money couldn't buy her peace of mind. :(

Arianuz said...

True. Money does not bring happiness. I guess if the media depicts her acts in a constructive way, it can prevent her fans following her. She still reigns in many parts of world. That shucks !