Thursday, May 3, 2007


This evening my son mentioned something to me out of the blue:

I don't remember what my father's voice sounds like.

Well sweetie that is because you only talked to him once a few years ago...

yeah only once or maybe twice in my life... his voice drifts off

Maybe one day Allah swt will send you someone who is even better than him...

He turns his head and looks at me with a smile: That's going to depend on you!


mommamu said...

LOL! I have had a few of those convos with my son in previous years. They are funny-then they make you alittle sad too. My son's father is a jerk as well. (deep sigh) It sucks doesn't it???

Sobia said...

That's a tough convo, I'm sorry.

But he sounds so sweet at the end he he he.....what a doll mashallah.

Rosashe said...

Salam Alaikum sister,

awww, thats is so cute! MashAllah, your son is very clever. May Allah help you find a nice daddy for your little angel.