Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm coming down with whatever bug that is floating around here.. At least it is Friday and I have the weekend to rest it off. So Insha Allah by Monday I should be fine.

I didn't drink much water today. I think that may be one of the triggers to my back aches. I had been so good all week but today it slipped my mind. Funny - I'm sick too, and now is when I'd need it the most.. but I forgot..

So on my way home, I turned down a neighborhood that is up the street from my house. I had to stretch my back so I turned to my left and then oops - the lady driving in front of me stopped her car in the middle of the street and I rear ended her. I wasn't going very fast and we didn't see any damage so she didn't care to trade info. But it shook me up. I cried all the way home and my son just sat silently.. once in awhile saying that everything is fine and that he'd check the damage on the car (my soon-to-be 10 year old acting like such the man now, subhan allah..).

I'm exhausted. I think I'll go lay down..


Umm Abdul Hakim said...

Subhanallah, isn't it amazing when they start acting like men before their time? I think it's them trying to make up for the lack of a man. I experience the same with mine, not quite as much as you might, mine is 5. I'm glad you're doing OK. Alhamdulilah ala salamtik.

Alicia said...

Jillbabble, I think you really need a nice foot rub and a hug......there is no time that u feel more vulnerable than when you are preggers. I will make dua for u is a virtual hug ((((jillbabble)))))