Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Low-Down

I have been way too quiet lately.. especially with all that has been going on!

So I will break things down and let everyone in on my little secrets...

1 - My future Baby Daddy. Alhamdulillah. He is a convert like me. Weeee! He is from the Netherlands and has a very mixed background. Was raised Christian and converted almost 10 years ago. He is one year older than me. Uh... he's tall... dark... and I think he's handsome. Masha Allah. Is in construction. Leaving his life in another state to be with me. We shall build our empire TOGETHER!!

2 - Engagement. Forget Nice Guy nickname. I call him Fuzzy. So anyway.. Fuzzy and I were having this conversation about the whole process of getting married. Seems like Fuzzy didn't know all the technicalities about the wali, contract, etc. He just thought we'd show up to the masjid, get married, and live our life... I quickly put an end to that 'dream':

I won't even think of marrying someone if they haven't even met my parents. Especially my dad. Just cuz he's not Muslim doesn't mean that they don't deserve the respect and consideration one would normally give to a Muslim girl's family3

And with that oh-so-discreet hint.. Fuzzy scratched Plan A.

In June my dad went with his wife and my sister on a tour of Europe. When they came back (literally the next day) Fuzzy drove 12 hours to meet my dad and ask for my hand.

Met the parents. All is well, Alhamdulillah.

3 - Breaking the news to my son. At first he was very upset but now he has accepted it. What helped was Fuzzy coming last week and spending massive amounts of one-on-one time with Jilbabble Jr. while Jilbabble went to work. They are friends now. My son likes him. All bases are covered Alhamdulillah.

4 - Wedding. I had a small engagement party two weeks ago. Got dressed up, had hair and make up done. It was fun. Throwing this small, last minute party has opened my eyes to something I already knew about myself. Jilbabble doesn't do parties. At least for herself. Planning them, and then showing up and being the center of attention - MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

Family and close friends have dreamt of this moment when I'd finally find a nice man who wasn't a psycho or free-loader. They want a wedding... and they want it BAD! I kind of like the idea of something small.... and honestly I would prefer to do the whole gender-segregation thing but out of respect for my family, and since my feelings about it aren't that strong, I'll mix it up. ONe friend said JUST FIND THE DRESS AND WE'LL PLAN THE REST. So I might take her up on that offer.

But I want to do it sooner than later. There are many reasons. The main one is that I am a teacher (hee hee.. I finally admit it) and I am already beginning to prepare for the school year. Once the school year starts.. forget it. It will be too hard to a - teach, b - plan a wedding, and c - give new fuzzy husband his much needed and deserved attention.

Anyhoo.... That is all in a nutshell.....


UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

Awww Mash'Allah I am sooooo happy for you.....I so regret not having a wedding...we were too much in a rush. But WOW I am so happy for you Insha'Allah you will be happy and healthy and have a wonderful husband!!!!

muslimahlocs said...

mabrook! i took my friends up on their offer to assist/plan my wedding and it worked out quite well. really, food is food, cake is cake, a dresss is a dress (that you will probably never wear again)'s the couple that matters so free maybe freeing yourself from weddig planning will allow you to just enjoy the bliss of engagement, insha Allah.

Rain said...

Congrats on the future wedding, and I agree... let them do all the planning.

cncz said...

Macha Allah I am SOOOOO excited for you! How awesome is that.
I agree with you that weddings are drama. But you will like it in the end. So happy for you! I did not say anything earlier until you posted a good long detailed post.
BTW I speak dutch. I never get to say that so I wanted to throw that out there.

PM said...

Mabrook dear!!!! I am sooo happy that I stopped by to read the Jillbabble Journal today. You deserve the best and I must say it sounds like you finally found it. I absolutely adore the Netherlands and have never met a Dutch person I didn't like. May Allah Bless you on this new path. Ameen.

Salaam Alaikum,